Frequently Asked Questions

Winning Roulette System Detection System

1. Does your technology offer all the features of our current software?

Yes, our technology does everything your current software does. Even if it didn’t, we would promptly add any missing features.


2. Is your technology difficult to implement?

NO, installation on new wheels is very quick and easy, and usually takes approximately 15 minutes. For larger casinos where 10+ wheels are on the floor, installation usually takes a day (including installation of equipment for monitoring of wheel performance from a central location).


3. If this new form of bias is legitimate, why haven’t we heard of it before?

There’s a first for everything. We believe that eventually our technology will be commonplace in casinos throughout the world, just as other wheel analysis technology is today.


4. If you demonstrate over a 5% edge on the 5 wheels in the demonstration, is it a requirement that we purchase?

That is part of the agreement. After all, we would be demonstrating a definitive and significant edge across 5 wheels that your previous software indicated were unbeatable. We believe this requirement to be more than reasonable. If you want to conduct testing on even more wheels, we are more than happy to do this or any other tests to your satisfaction.


5. Is detection of the winning number 100% accurate?

Yes. This is guaranteed.


6. Can your equipment be integrated into existing winning number marquees?

This depends on the equipment you use, but in most cases, yes.


7. Does anything need to be changed on the casino floor?

In most cases, it’s just a quick and easy swap-over of equipment.


8. Can we use your equipment at the same time as our current equipment?

Yes, although you will then have two different sensors fitted to the wheel. However, our sensor is aesthetically pleasing and not intrusive. Additionally, you will quickly see our technology does everything other technology does, and much more.


9. Is application difficult?

Application is designed mostly to be automated. The interface is extremely intuitive, easy to use and easy to learn. Staff can be fully trained on the equipment comfortably within 1 day.


10. Do you train our staff?

YES, and you receive unlimited free support for the operation of the equipment. Additional support is charged at a reasonable flat rate per hour.


11. What is the warranty on the equipment?

Different components have different warranties. The warranty on specific components are specified on the contracts.


12. Why don’t you incorporate your most effective techniques into the software for even better protection?

First and foremost, we are roulette players, and we are the opposition to casinos. So we have loyalty to our own players. But that doesn’t mean our software isn’t beneficial to casinos, it just does not affect application of our particular winning roulette system.

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