Features and Benefits

Winning roulette system and strategy detection. Learn how professional players play and win at roulette.


Our roulette wheel and system analysis technology consists of both hardware and software. Features are below:

  • Superior bias analysis techniques: discover definitive bias that other software fails to detect. Our technology is patent pending, and we believe it will eventually become commonplace in modern casinos. Ultimately our software will potentially save you millions over the coming years, especially as the techniques become more widely used by professional players.
  • Retrofitted hardware for existing roulette wheels to determine winning numbers with 100% accuracy: setup for each wheel takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • Chi-squared and standard deviation testing: all the standard calculations, all done in real-time.
  • Segregation of data based on time-frames, individual croupiers, spin direction and much more: consider all parameters either automatically or manually.
  • Automatic alarms, and suggestions for corrective action: your staff are automatically notified of weaknesses, and receive suggestions for corrective action to ensure game integrity. Our software is foolproof.
  • Bet tracking: optional retrofitted sensors for placement under betting tables to track player bets with 100% accuracy. If a player is exploiting a wheel, you will know very early.
  • Customizable casino floor layout: easy to use interface for casino staff, and customizable layout to represent the casino floor.

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