About Us

Who we are, about our software to detect winning roulette strategies, and casino game protection.

First and foremost, we are professional roulette players. Our primary web site is genuinewinner.com (genuine winner system), although our wheel analysis software sold to casinos is NOT our genuinewinner.com system. First are foremost, we are professional roulette players and we protect our most effective strategies. We can afford to sell software that only inhibits techniques that do not at all affect our own players. In other words, the casino software is inferior to our roulette system techniques, although it is still superior to competing wheel analysis packages. We apply a variety of roulette system and computer technology to beat roulette, and are considered by many to be the foremost experts in winning roulette strategies.

Site Promotions PTY LTD (ACN 090 739 754) was founded in 1999 by our director, Steve Hourmouzis. Our scope of business is broad, ranging from roulette prediction technologies to emerging technologies in various other fields including medical and defense.

As professional players who win at roulette, we know very well exactly how roulette is beaten. We know better than wheel designers themselves the flaws of wheel design that lead to predictable spins.

Our primary field is not casino game protection – it is actually playing roulette. But because we are aware of the inadequacies of most roulette wheel analysis software in particularly with relation to wheel bias, and we do not rely on any form of wheel bias to beat roulette, we can afford to sell superior technology to casinos. While our roulette game protection packages may be the best available, they by no means hunder the profitability of our methods.


Our Members:

Steve Hourmouzis | Director

Steve is the director of Site Promotions PTY LTD, and manages most of our professional teams. While he does not usually conduct actual demonstrations to casinos, his attendance is available upon request. Steve designed most of the algorithms for our roulette wheel analysis software.


Barry McCaulin | Sales Manager

Barry previously worked as a pit boss for 3 years, and a casino game protection consultant for 2 years before becoming our sales manager. He is the primary demonstrator of our casino-based roulette wheel analysis and game protection packages.

Les Whittaker | Technician

Les installs our hardware and software. Prior to working with us, he operated his own electronics company for 8 years.

Lisa Batel | Sales Consultant

Lisa is responsible for responding to non-support related emails. Prior to becoming a team member, she was employed as technical support staff for an Australian Internet Service Provider.

Cindy McGowan | Sales Consultant

Prior to her employment with our group, Cindy was employed as a receptionist at an Australian law firm. She is currently responsible for responding to sales inquiries.

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