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Your Current Roulette Wheel Analysis Software Fails to Detect a New Form of Bias. Your Casino is NOT Protected against Pro Roulette System Players

The usual chi-square and bias testing software is inadequate protection against the latest techniques from wheel analyzers, and we’ll show you exactly why. Protect game integrity with superior roulette wheel analysis software.

NOTE: The software detailed on this site that is sold to casinos does NOT affect roulette system players. The system does NOT rely on wheel bias – it uses patterns that casinos do not yet know about, and we intend to keep it this way. The casino software detects a new form of bias, and is superior to competing wheel analysis software.

Dear Casino Manager,

Professional roulette wheel analyzers and winning roulette strategy players cost casinos millions in lost revenue each year. No doubt you’re aware of this, which is why you use roulette wheel analysis software to detect wheel bias. But contrary to what you may believe, your software is probably inadequate – it likely fails to detect a new form of bias that exists on almost every wheel, even the most modern designs. Professional players exploit this pattern to secretly win at roulette consistently.

This type of bias is not detected by ordinary wheel analysis software. In particularly over the coming years as knowledge of this bias spreads to professional players, unless you update your wheel analysis software, the integrity of roulette in your casino is at risk. Over time, even small inadequacies of wheel analysis software can end up costing you millions in lost revenue.

We are the developers of new roulette wheel analysis software that detects the new form of bias and roulette strategy that ordinary software neglects. We will demonstrate a better than 5% edge on any of your wheels, purely from a bias that your current software fails to detect. We will show you how biased your wheels really are – even wheels that your current software consider to be “random” (See the Guarantee page for details).

Considering a 5% edge is almost double your usual edge on European wheels, it is far from insignificant. We believe that in time, utilization of our wheel analysis software will be commonplace in casinos throughout the world.

Who we are and what we do:

First and foremost, we are professional roulette system players. Many consider us to be the world’s foremost experts in roulette system prediction. Our primary website is Indeed we are opposition to casinos, and although our teams have previously utilized bias analysis, our current systems do NOT rely on any form of bias to play and win at roulette. In fact you may not have even heard of the roulette system patterns we currently exploit, although they exist on any wheel, old or new, countermeasures or not, with or without a ball drop zone. Chances are you may not know of them for some time to come.

Before continuing, we’ll make it perfectly clear that by no means are we offering you our most effective methods which do NOT rely on any form of bias. Our most effective techniques are reserved solely for our own teams to which we are loyal. What we are offering you is superior roulette wheel analysis software that detects a new form of bias that ordinary software fails to detect. While it essentially benefits our opposition (casinos), it in no way limits the success of our own players.

In all, we have analyzed spins from literally over 2,000 roulette wheels. Using the same chi-squared and bias analysis techniques used by most wheel analysis software, we have found every wheel has at least some degree of bias, although it is not usually strong enough for the house edge to be compromised. This may not be news to you though. However, by using a new kind of analysis technique, a new form of bias can be discovered and exploited. On even the most modern wheel designs, an edge of over 5% is common. If this sounds unreasonable, consider that we will demonstrate this to you on any wheel in your casino before you purchase our equipment. There is no such thing as random, even on the most modern wheel designs.

About our Roulette Wheel Analysis Equipment:

Additional to all the usual chi-squared and standard deviation testing conducted by most packages, our software conducts additional types of analysis that reveal a hidden bias that exists on absolutely every wheel. An increasing number of players are learning of this technique – indeed our teams utilized it before even more effective techniques were discovered.

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The processes used by our software are patent pending, and not available anywhere else. Additionally, our technology includes integrated hardware that automatically undertakes numerous tasks, including that of the pit boss. Even if the pit boss doesn’t do their job, our technology does it for them.

Features of our technology:

  • Superior bias analysis techniques: discover definitive bias that other software fails to detect. Our technology is patent pending, and we believe it will eventually become commonplace in modern casinos. Ultimately our software will potentially save you millions over the coming years, especially as the techniques become more widely used by professional players.
  • Retrofitted hardware for existing roulette wheels to determine winning numbers with 100% accuracy: setup for each wheel takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • Chi-squared and standard deviation testing: all the standard calculations, all done in real-time.
  • Segregation of data based on time-frames, individual croupiers, spin direction and much more: consider all parameters either automatically or manually.
  • Automatic alarms, and suggestions for corrective action: your staff are automatically notified of weaknesses, and receive suggestions for corrective action to ensure game integrity. Our software is foolproof.
  • Bet tracking: optional retrofitted sensors for placement under betting tables to track player bets with 100% accuracy. If a player is exploiting a wheel, you will know very early even if your pit boss isn’t doing their job.
  • Customizable casino floor layout: easy to use interface for casino staff, and customizable layout to represent the casino floor.

We are confident if you view a demonstration of our technology, you will be convinced of the benefits.

How to Purchase:

Packages are highly customized for your specific requirements. To advise you fully, we need to visit you personally. We suggest the following procedures:

Contact us to arrange a meeting. Prior to our arrival, prepare 5 or more sets of 2,000 spins, each from independent wheels (one spin per line in text format). Please ensure that the wheels do not exhibit a bias, at least with your current wheel analysis software. We will then demonstrate our software against the same spins and prove the average edge across all 5+ wheels is over 5%. To achieve this, the first 1,000 spins will be analyzed to determine the hidden bias, and the second 1,000 spins will be used to simulate play based on the bias.

The aim of this test is to prove conclusively that if professional players attacked each of your 5 wheels, they could have easily achieved a discrete profit beyond the cost of the actual equipment. Additionally, it will be clear that with your current wheel analysis technology, you would not have been aware what had happened because the bets would not have resembled typical bias play. The benefits of this, in particularly over the long term, are clear.

Of course demonstrations are conducted to your satisfaction, although we have one primary condition: if our tests produce an average over a 5% edge, you agree to proceed with the purchase. For this reason, before the demonstration is conducted, full quotations are provided based on your specific requirements. A 10% deposit is also required prior to the demonstration. We believe these terms to be more than reasonable considering we are going to demonstrate to you an undeniable weakness in your games that you otherwise would not have been aware of. In other words, the last part of the purchase process is validation that your wheels are indeed easily beatable with bets before ball release, even if your current software indicates otherwise.

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